The skin is the part of the body which has to interact with the outer world. The face out of the skin is the most contrasting feature of each and every individual. Taking care of it is a necessity and there is no alternative to it. There are various methods of rejuvenation and cleansing of the skin but facial remains one the most widely used method.

What is Facial?

Facial is basically a treatment out of various extensive skin care processes, for the face especially. Facial includes a number of mini and mighty sub procedures such as peels, massages, facial masks, exfoliation, extraction and application of moisturizing and beautifying creams and lotions.

Besides being a spa treatment, it is commonly performed in various spa(s) around various parts of the world. Based on the requirements, facial can be arranged for general skin types and even facials for specific skin conditions, New U Esthetics Beauty Studio Is truly a name to reckon. It has a reputation for being one of the few beauty facilitators at the apex.

Why your next appointment should be with New U Esthetics

  1. The studio New U Esthetics provides you with an ambient environment to relax and enjoy while we work upon bringing the glow to your charm. What’s better then getting facial done by the Best accompanied by mellow music and relaxing lighting. That’s truly an experience you deserve to cherish.
  2. We have a team of highly qualified and professionally trained estheticians who perform all the processes of salon treatment with flawless levels of perfection and care.