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Basic idea of waxing

The growth of hair on the human body on various visible parts is a natural process. Sometimes these fine hair is like a thick gap between you and a shining and smooth skin. Both men and women have a strong sense that these imperfect hair should be removed, to achieve which, a number of practices are in cycle today. The most widely known out of all is waxing.

Waxing is the process of uprooting hair from the skin with the help of wax. The most widely waxed parts of the body are the face, arms, underarms, back, chest, shoulders, toes, and the pubic region which is also called the Bikini Wax. The most popular out of these is the bikini wax which of various types such as Brazilian, Hollywood and French to name a few of them.

In terms of applied region, waxing is of two types:

Face wax

Mainly done on the areas of full face, nose, eyebrows, lips, cheeks, ears, neck, chin and the sideburns

Body wax

Waxing performed on the full body, arms, back, chest, hands, legs, shoulders, stomach, toes and underarms.

On the basis of thickness of wax applied, waxing is again classified into two broad categories :

Soft wax (strip wax)

performed by applying a wax thinly over the skin. A paper strip or a cloth is applied and pressed firmly over the wax before quickly ripping it in the direction opposite to that of the hair growth.

Hard wax (Strip less wax)

performed by applying a waxy layer over the skin with no paper or cloth. The wax is allowed to harden and later removed by the esthetician. It is more suitable for sensitive skin types.

We at NEW U ESTHETICS have a specialization to perform the above specified waxing processes with utmost care and perfection. We have a team of professional estheticians who work meticulously to provide you with a flawlessly finished skin.

Benefits of waxing

  1. A large amount of hair can be removed at a time.
  2. It is a long lasting method.
  3. No hair regrowth for 2-8 weeks depending upon the rate of growth (varies individually).

In addition to all these pros of getting your hair removed through waxing, we suggest you to keep the following things in mind everytime you have an appointment for waxing.

  1. Waxing is a painful process and the pain can be even intense in the sensitive areas so consider this is you are getting waxed.
  2. The cost of waxing can be a whole lot depending upon the area on which it is to be performed and the frequency of repetition of the process.
  3. Some of the after effects such as red bumps, ingrown hair and minor bleeding may persist which are very common in the first few times.

A conclusion can be drawn that the process of waxing is not so easy and convenient to perform as it may sound. If performed with even an ounce of carelessness, it can cause ridiculous amount of pain and even some serious skin casualties. NEW U ESTHETICS has a reputation of being one of the most dedicated beauty esthetician studio. Our estheticians have a fine sense of judgement of how to treat your particular skin type and give such a grooming experience which you are forced to crave for. We convert know that the practice of grooming and Esthetic polishing is one of the most demanding jobs and we surely these have been our stepping stones in all these years of creating so many happy customers.

Visit our studio for realising that the true beauty already exists within you, it just takes NEW U ESTHETICS STUDIO to just groom and polish it to reveal a whole new version of you.